Miss Universe Pageant News

Miss Universe ® Pageant Results - 2011

2011 Miss Universe Pageant ® Results

Miss Universe Miss Angola  

2011 Miss Universe Top Five:

1st Runner-Up Miss Ukraine  
2nd Runner-up Miss Brazil  
3rd Runner-Up Miss Philippines  
4th Runner-Up Miss China  

2011 Miss Universe Top Ten:

  Miss Australia  
  Miss Costa Rica  
  Miss France  
  Miss Ukraine  
  Miss Portugal  
  Miss Panama  
  Miss Philippines  
  Miss Angola  
  Miss China  
  Miss Brazil  

2011 Miss Universe Top Sixteen:

  Miss France  
  Miss Kosovo  
  Miss Columbia  
  Miss China  
  Miss Angola  
  Miss Australia  
  Miss Puerto Rico  
  Miss Brazil  
  Miss Netherlands  
  Miss USA  
  Miss Ukraine  
  Mss Panama  
  Miss Costa Rica  
  Miss Portugal  
  Miss Philippines  
  Miss Venezuela  
Miss Congeniality: Miss Montenegro  
Miss Photogenic: Miss Sweden  
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